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2 Hot 4 You 2?

2 Hot 4 You 2
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Looking for a brutally honest rating community that is active and has interesting activities? Look no further.

Any questions pertaining to the community? Please visit our member's community. That's where you'll find all our info/rules about points, challenges, hunts, themes, and members.
2 HOT 4 YOU 2




1. Make your APP friends only!

2. Make your subject: I'm On fire!

3. Put your APP behind an LJ cut.

4. You must have a salute. APPs will be rejected if there is no salute.

5.Do not fight with members, this will get you banned!



All for You

Name: [First+Middle]



What makes you Unique?:

Where did you hear about us?:

Status ( we love pics!):

5 Favorite Bands :

5 Favorite Movies:

5 Favorite Books:

Why do you want to be a part of this community?:

Promote us in 2 places and Provide a link!(No promo communities!)

If possible, Make us a banner!

Give us a Salute

Post at least 3 clear/unphotoshopped Pictures


1. Be Honest!
2. Put all pictures behind a LJ-cut.
3. Give a warning if posts/pictures are possibly offensive.
4. Please post often, inactive members will be deleted.
5. For Points info, or to see your tally, please visit the member's community. (Our website, listed Above.)
6. If you are going to challenge a member, please make sure they are not on a hiatus. Their status can be found underneath their picture on the member's page.


Having Problems? Please contact me at 2hot4you2@2die4.com or visit our Member's Community (Listed as our website Above.)