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All for You

Name:Tori Williams



What makes you Unique?:I'm a very loud person and at school I mostly stand out from everyone else. For my school I have a unique clothing style, but my close friends and I share most of the same tastes in clothing.

Where did you hear about us?:You asked me to join. And so I am. :)

Status:I have a boyfriend, but I do not have any pictures.

5 Favorite Bands : Cat Stevens, Taking Back Sunday, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Modest Mouse (I realize Cat Stevens and Jimi Hendrix are not bands, but I don't listen to bands so much)

5 Favorite Movies: Harold and Maude, Star Wars, Harry Potter Series, Love Actually, Two Weeks Notice

5 Favorite Books:Shoot The Moon, The Lovely Bones, Double Identity, Escape from Memory, You're Smarter Than You Think

Why do you want to be a part of this community?:It seems like a nice community. And I would be glad to say I was in a community like this. This is the nicest rating community so far.

Promote us Somewhere and Provide a link!

Post at least 3 clear/unphotoshopped Pictures
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You'll be stamped soon, but I'd appreciate if you'd put this under a cut.
It would really be a big help if you could put this behind an LJ cut, it saves sooo much space. Please stay active, Promote!, and participate in points/challenges!

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